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ALLTORQ’s linear actuators, rolled & ground ballscrews, leadscrews, linear slides, bearings and stages.

ALLTORQ offers metal disc, curved & straight jaw, bellows, tooth, precision, elastomeric and rigid couplings. Taper, hydraulic locking elements and universal joints.


ALLTORQ’s inline and right angled high precision planetary gearheads to 1 arcminute accuracy, transaxle systems through to right angle worm and helical inline gearboxes.

ALLTORQ’s product overview...industrial clutches & brakes, clutch brake units, spring applied brakes, wrapspring clutches and brakes, linear actuators, linear motion systems, precision planetary and industrial gearheads, flexible couplings, taper locking bushes, solenoids, feedback technologies through to complete system solution sets.

ALLTORQ Miniature, standard series electromagnetic clutches, brakes, clutch brake modules and spring applied brakes in both ‘power on’ or ‘power off’ configurations. Industry standards with high customization and manufacturing flexibility.

ALLTORQ’s multidisc clutches & brakes, toothed clutches and brakes, PTO clutches. mechanically, electromagnetically, hydraulically and pneumatically actuated units with torques up to 1,250,000Nm available and a comprehensive range of torque limiters.


ALLTORQ Wrap spring clutches & brakes are available from mechanical overrunning units, solenoid or pneumatically actuated clutch brakes with +/- ˝° non cumulative accuracy through to mechanical bi-directional locking devices.


ALLTORQ offers specialist devices such as hysteresis & magnetic particle clutches & brakes, torq feedback sensors, solenoids, holding magnets, resolvers & encoders.