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ALLTORQ specializes in creating custom solutions from our standard product range for your specific application requirements.

We are able to offer this service even for low volume supply and be able to offer you a better industrial motion control solution.

Contact us at sales@alltorq.com or call +44 1733 229 240 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


ALLTORQ’s has the widest range of Spring Applied Brakes from our miniature range through to our optimized high performance range.

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ALLTORQ electromagnetic friction clutches, brakes, clutch brake modules & spring applied brakes. Flexible design & optimized ISO 9001 manufacturing offering you the best industrial clutch or brake option possible.

ALLTORQ’s Electromagnetic Miniature Power Applied Friction Clutches and Brakes provide optimized life and cycling performance in an ‘industry standard’ package, custom designs to increase speed, torque, life, mounting interfaces or timing are possible. Click on the image for more information.

ALLTORQ’s Packaged Clutch Brake Modules. 5Nm - 160Nm torque with multiple flange/ shaft and IP rated enclosures available.

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ALLTORQ’s Industry Standard Power Applied Electromagnetic Friction Clutches and Brakes. Flexible design and manufacturing offers economical low volume customization possibilities.

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